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Al Arabi Publishing and Distributing announced that soon will come the release of the Arabic translation of the novel “The Discomfort of the Evening” by the Dutch writer Marieke Lucas Rijneveld, which won recently the 2020 International Booker Prize. The Arabic translation is made by Muhammad Othman Khalifa, who translated with Al Arabi for Publishing and Distributing more than 15 novels.

Al Arabi had obtained the rights to translate Rijneveld’s novel in October 2019, before it was nominated for the longlist of the Booker prize. And by the release of this translation, it becomes among 11 novels and books translated from Dutch into Arabic.

The novel is about a girl who lives with her religious family in the countryside of Netherlands, and on one of the winter days, her brother goes on a skiing trip, and leaves her at home, and in a moment of anger, she prays for God to take his soul rather than her rabbit’s one, so he never returns home, grief dominates the whole family, and she begins to isolate from everyone, and enter a world of bad dreams and discomforts.

This is the first novel published by the poet “Marieke Lucas Rijneveld”; her language is characterized by empiricism and poetics, which the translator, “Michele Hutchison”, succeeded in transferring while translating the novel into English.

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