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Al Arabi for publishing and Distributing obtained the rights to translate the novel “Discomforts of the Evening” by the Dutch author “Marika Lucas Reinfeld”, which is among 11 novels and books, translated  by Al Arabi for publishing and distributing from the Netherlands, and the Arabic translation of the novel will be published in summer 2020.

The novel is about Jaff, a girl who lives with her religious family in rural Netherlands. One winter day, her brother goes on an ice rink, leaves her alone at home, and in a moment of rage she calls on him, he never returns to the house. Sadness takes over the whole family, and Yan begins to be isolated from everyone, entering a world of disturbing dreams.

“I have always thought a lot about the fact that I am the youngest, and how no one tells me that I will be allowed to do anything when I become old enough, so I asked the Lord to take my brother” Matthias “and leave me as my rabbit. Amen.”

This is the first novel by Marika Lucas Reinfeld. Her language is experimental and poetic, which translator Michelle Hutchinson succeeded in transferring while translating the novel into English.

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