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Since the Corona first phase began, the entire world has stopped and been strongly affected by it, and the publishing industry in the Arab world was the most severely affected. But throughout this period, which extended in Egypt from last March until now, Al Arabi Publishing and Distributing did not stop working, searching for new books and adding them to its list despite the stopping of all international book fairs and the lack of clarity of vision for what is coming.

And that is how Al Arabi added to its list of novels and translated books new books from new countries, increasing the number of those books to more than 200 books and novels from more than 50 different countries, most recently Estonia and Angola.. While in the section of academic books in the fields of media and politics, Al Arabi added more important topics related to Contemporary issues in Egypt and the world, about 23 books.

Back to the translated novels, Al Arabi is participating in Sharjah Book Fair 2020 with 25 translated novels and 7 non-fiction books; The most prominent of these novels is the Arabic edition of Marieke Lucas Rijneveld’s novel “The Discomfort of the Evening”, which Al Arabi has bet on since buying its rights in late 2018, and then it became nominated her for the booker longlist, then the short list, and finally winning the award this year, which proves that Al Arabi is always one step ahead. Of course, we do not lose sight of the publication of four works by Nobel winner 2019 Peter Handke. And not only that, but also Al Arabi went to completely new countries, launching novels from Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Nepal, Pakistan, South Africa, Albania, Russia, Mali, Sweden, Cuba, and Canada. And it returns again to Norway to publish a new crime novel for the most famous crime writer in Norway, which has earned the title “Queen of Crime Literature”, with more titles from Germany, Austria, India, China, Turkey, the Netherlands, France, Iran and Iceland, where it will publish a novel whose author was classified among the top thirty writers of crime and suspense in the past forty years.

As for the field of translated non-fiction books, Al Arabi publishes a group of important topics that many may not have read as separate topics before. It publishes a book about pomegranates, and then a book about the moon, both by the German writer Bernd Brunner, and publishes them in a series specialized in such topics, and through which it has already published a book about Tea Cultures by Christoph Peters  and another book about Libraries by Jorge Carrion. Also, there is an important historical book that deals with a period in the history of Egypt that was the breaking point in it; it is a book about Sadat and Helmut Schmidt by Karl Josef Kuschel and translated by Dr. Mahmoud Abdullah Al-Nazlawi, then another book is published, which is titled “Feminism for Men: Why Feminism is Important for Men” by the Dutch writer Jens van Tricht, and finally the book “Chernobyl 07:23:40” by Andrew Leatherbarrow, a book that narrates the true events of the Chernobyl disaster, from which the events of the series of HBO are taken.

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