Al Arabi gets the Translation Rights of No Friend but the Mountains

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Al Arabi Publishing and Distributing signed a contract to buy the Arabic translation rights of the book “No friend but the mountains” by the Iranian Kurdish author Behrouz Boochani; the award-winning book “The Victorian Premier’s Literary Award” in 2019, Australia’s most prestigious literary award, $ 100,000.

The author wrote the book in letters to the translator on the watt of August, and took five years to write it. An Iranian Kurd who emigrated illegally to Australia to escape persecution in Iran. Before the arrival of “Bucheni” a refugee to Australia three days has been changed the law of immigration for refugees by sea, especially those from Iran. Where they are not received in Australia as refugees and are not allowed to return to Iran or will be arrested. As a solution to Australia, it has set up a prison center in Papua New Guinea on Manos Island.

The author considered it a prison. A mobile phone ran inside the prison center and wrote to his translator thousands of letters that evolved into a book entitled “No friend but the mountains” which was published in Australia and won the prize.

The idea evolved to a film with the help of Arash Kamali Sarfistani, a Kurdish director living in the Netherlands, using a mobile camera and sending videos via WhatsApp, which took a lot of time to communicate. More than three times his mobile was confiscated, but he managed to shoot the film under the name of “CHAUKA, PLEASE TELL US THE TIME”.

The book was translated into English by Omid Tawfiqian, who happens to be a lecturer at the Department of Philosophy at the American University in Cairo.

The film was displayed again on March 31 and at the time of launching the Arabic translation of the book by the translator Reem Dawood.
Behrouz Boochani earned his master’s degree in geopolitics and geopolitics. He is an Iranian Kurdish journalist, researcher, writer, director and founder of the Kurdish language magazine Wea. He is also an honorary member of the PEN International.

He fled in 2013 from Iran, became a political prisoner of the Australian government and was detained at the asylum camp on Papua New Guinea.

We now have the Arabic rights for No Friend but the Mountains by Behrouz Boochani. The winner of Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for Literature (2019). A new book added to our collection of refugees’ literature.

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